Thank you Truth

It’s bittersweet.

I saw the Los Angeles Clippers fall to the Utah Jazz. Now I am never a Clips fan but it’s heartbreaking to witness the last game of Paul Pierce.

I was not a Boston Celtics fan during the Larry Bird era but next to Kevin Garnett, The Truth battles with Rajon Rondo for that second spot. The thing about Pierce though is he has played for the Celtics when they fluctuated from heroes to zeros. I thought his partnership with Antoine Walker was solid but playing alongside Garnett, Rondo, Doc Rivers, and Ray Allen is far better.

It’s like when Boston fell 0-2 at this year’s playoffs before prevailing over the Chicago Bulls. I hate the thought of the Cs losing but I thought it’s awesome to see Rondo and even Dwyane Wade lead the way for the Windy City warriors. It’s fitting for the Bulls to lose Rondo in the last four games en route to a Boston series win because all of a sudden, we see their loose cannon coach, Fred Hoiberg, tell everyone of his importance. Sure, I hate Hoiberg but in some ways, you can expect his coaching. If a player thinks he’s better than the team (or if the player is playing worse), then the players needs to be put on place. I just don’t think that sort of treatment fares well in a league that isn’t made up of college kids.

Anyway, Pierce always bled green and I guess retiring this season could set him up for opportunities in his adopted hometown. When he left Boston alongside KG, Boston got a surplus of draft picks that up until now are sought after by other squads. With the exception of Washington, I never really followed his game outside Boston. I will always think of The Truth as Beantown personified and his clutch shots will forever be remembered by its fans like how they remember Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and John Havlicek.

Like most flamboyant players, he’s probably going to become a media practitioner. He had that HBO show with Bill Simmons and perhaps an Area 21 appearance a la Rasheed Wallace is in the works.

I just don’t know if I want to see him play next season. There are reports that suggest Pierce is contemplating for another run. Even if he’s going to play for the Celtics, Pierce is better off retiring than prolonging a benchwarming stint.

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