The House of Horrors match was horrible!



So I saw the House of Horrors match on Payback.


It was crap.


First of all, the Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt storyline is not as strong of a deal. The Wrestlemania match is far from exciting. A few months prior, they main evented No Mercy in which everyone thought that The Miz and Dolph Ziggler should have closed the show. Luke Harper all of a sudden teaming up with Orton made the former’s resolve to prove to all naysayers that he was right all along was rendered weak. And the belts don’t even matter at this point.


I was happy to see Wyatt going to Raw for the sake of ending this feud.


The supernatural version of Orton sucks.


So we go to the PPV. The first half of the match was taped while the latter part was played live for the audience in the stadium as well as across the globe. The taped part looked as if it was a COPS segment. It was also goddamn boring. If I directed this travesty, I would have cameras positioned in the house instead of cameramen sans tripods. It felt the cameras were positioned “too perfectly” with the backpack style they want to achieve.


I think a mark out moment would have Orton and Wyatt fight in some compound in which they would knock and have Reby Sky and Senor Benjamin answering. Not only will this signal a possible return of the Broken gimmick, they could make that version as campy as hell and they can get away with it because that’s how the Hardy matches roll.


The live part of the match sucked big time. You mean to tell me Randy Orton can withstand a fridge as well as the exhausting drive to the arena and for some insane dumbassery, would wilt at the sight of Jinder Mahal? Now I didn’t mind Jinder when he won the number one contendership on Smackdown but now he’s beginning to annoy me. The Bollywood Boyz looked like kids when they tried to maim Orton. If Jinder had let say… The Authors of Pain as bodyguards, then maybe his posse can be taken seriously. These combine for somewhat four hundred pounds… and it’s not like we haven’t seen Orton manhandle The Big Show or even go toe to toe with Kane, Mark Henry, and even The Great Khali.


And all of a sudden, the pay per view made Wyatt weak. Are they going to make him the next Undertaker… or the next Raven?


I like the Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens match (never thought Y2J would win the United States Title) and I love the psychology on both Neville versus Austin Aries and Sheamus and Cesaro versus The Hardy Boyz (get Jeff Hardy a dentist due to that wayward kick). Alexa Bliss is possibly the next Trish Stratus but with better heel shtick and I think they need do another version of Seth Rollins versus Samoa Joe because it was better for most parts but fell short at the end.


I would have an injured Roman Reigns selling a Braun Strowman beatdown any day of the week than whatever shit the House of Horrors match was trying to pull.


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