Top Ten: WWE Superstars in 2017 (From Royal Rumble to Payback)


Payback is over and Backlash is just around the corner.


And now I give to you the best WWE performers from the Royal Rumble PPV to the Payback PPV.


The rules are simple. A wrestler scores for each time he participates in a match. If the wrestler is eliminated early (such in the case of the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, Survivor Series, etc.) they will not have the total running time of the match. A point is awarded for every win but five points are awarded to curtain jerkers… and ten points are awarded to top Raw and Smackdown title matches as well as the last match of the card… that isn’t the Royal Rumble.


The Rumble gets no awarded points even if it is the last match of the card (except for Randy Orton – the winner of the Rumble) because five points will be given to the wrestler for every elimination.



1 REIGNS, ROMAN (Raw) Wrestlemania 33: Even if he main evented three PPVs and almost winning the Rumble, his best PPV is when he main evented Wrestlemania and won against The Undertaker in 23 minutes of action.
2 JERICHO, CHRIS (SD) Royal Rumble 2017: Only wrestler to last for an hour. Also had two eliminations.
3 WYATT, BRAY (Raw) Elimination Chamber: Won WWE Championship against five others in 34 minutes of action.
4 STYLES, AJ (SD) Take a phenomenal guess: Three of his PPV matches in 2017 eclipsed the 20-minute mark.
5 ORTON, RANDY (SD) Wrestlemania 33: Won WWE Championship against Bray Wyatt in less than eleven minutes of action.
6 STROWMAN, BRAUN (Raw) Royal Rumble 2017: He may have main evented Payback but he had seven eliminations during the Rumble.
7 CENA, JOHN (SD) Royal Rumble 2017: Cena won the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in 24 minutes of action.
8 OWENS, KEVIN (SD) Royal Rumble 2017: Successfully defended the Universal Title against Roman Reigns in nearly 23 minutes of action.
9 MIZ, THE (Raw) Pick Two: Challenged for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber and lasted 34 minutes at the Rumble.
10 CORBIN, BARON (SD) Royal Rumble: Lasted nearly 33 minutes at the Rumble and he managed to eliminate Braun Strowman.




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