Jinder’s push should have been Rusev’s!

Watching Smackdown made me realize that Jinder Mahal is a substitute to Rusev.

Hear me out.

Replace genetic superiority with riches and you have Rusev… with a possible Bollywood deal in India.

I also believe The Singh Brothers (the former Bollywood Boyz) are part of Jinder’s stable to make him look strong. Aside from the ripped physique, the only way to make Jinder a Batista clone is by giving him cruiserweight bodyguards. A female valet a la Lana wouldn’t work on Jinder because aside from the fact that developmental has no supermodel chick fixture at their disposal, this would further destroy Jinder’s rise. He’s basically going to be the heavyweight version of Noam Dar. I like Dar and his moveset but giving him Alicia Fox as some sort of character expansion just messed up his character. I rather have Jinder look like the 2010s version of Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda than the 2010s version of Marc Mero and Sable.

It just hit me that Jinder Mahal kind of looks like Marc Mero.





With Rusev set to return at Money in the Bank, I can see Jinder prolonging his feud with Randy Orton. Poor Randy… he managed to gain access on Bray Wyatt’s magical powers but couldn’t hinder Jinder on whatever traps he tried to hurl. Worse, even if they try with all their might, it will be hard to elevate Jinder especially with Randy constantly checking on his heel side. Orton loves to play the bad guy and it’s hard to root for the establish guy when he defeated Wyatt – a man who was set to go over but for some reason has since been relegated as top PPV jobber. I thought they messed up on a potential Jinder run when they turned him heel instead of being face. I know it’s hard to fathom a Jinder face run but it’s not that hard if you play it as an underdog trying his best to claw his way to the top. Randy can turn heel by demeaning the possibility of him as champion, constantly remind us of his 3MB shtick, lay out his former acquaintances like Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre (how cool it is to see Orton going to a NXT PPV and destroy Drew), and make people feel that no amount of training, meditation, and baby oil could help him beat The Apex Predator.

If WWE wants to expand its wrestling empire to India, then make Jinder a face.

But with the speech he pulled after his number one contendership victory, it seems as if we’ll be stuck with this version for a long time.

I don’t know if Jinder Mahal can sell tickets as a potential WWE champion but if he comes out as the title holder, then it sets him up with Rusev – his former tag team partner which he had a falling out.

And this feud could be a scary sight for some – these two finishing a PPV for the WWE Title.

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