Anyone but Luke Harper!!!

No more Luke Harper!!!!



I am blogging right now because I’m waiting for my Sheamus to get enough HP to merit one health pack.




So I am still playing WWE Champions and Day One of their Intercontinental Champion Tour just got concluded. In the Philippines, the gauntlet blitz would end at Monday 3am.


So yeah, I’m trying to make the best out of the situation.


However, the things I hate about this game apart from the glitches are the crappy rewards.


Look, I like Luke Harper and I would have probably liked Titus O’Neil and Darren Young if they weren’t separated but I keep pulling their cards from the proverbial rabbit’s hat. I don’t want to enhance Titus and Young and while I am a fan of Harper… his face pops every F’N time!


So I finally won a Hell Mode gauntlet blitz and I won this predominantly with a bronze two-star trickster Sheamus. He doesn’t do much as a one-star but once you upgrade White Noise, then he’s a gauntlet blitz workhorse.


I am using my silver three-star trickster Ric Flair for my daily grind as I upgrade everyone for gauntlet blitz and faction feud. For the Intercontinental Champion Tour, my hitters are predominantly strikers and tricksters. I won one Hell Mode and lost one in the process as well. I have a two-champion deficit because I don’t have any New Generation nor three-star powerhouse champions. The premium chip rewards aren’t as high as it was during the Evolution GB but it still gives you a chance to nab a new champion (or duplicate).


But please… I have had enough of Luke Harper duplicates. Even if I get enough tokens, I would use them on Roman Reigns because it is part of my mission.


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