Jinder Mahal: WWE Champion




So let me tell the difference between Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship win with Jack Swagger’s cash-in for the World Heavyweight Championship.


First up, I thought both men are green but with WWE banking on the Indian wrestling market, I can see Mahal not fizzling out even after he loses the title. But here’s the thing – when Swagger had that All-American gimmick, he looked like he can beat main eventers and at the same time lose to main eventers without losing credibility. Are we going to see the Indian John Cena in Super Jinder? I fear WWE may gain India but lose the entire human race by shoving him down to our throats. Jinder should have lost the match in shady circumstances so he can gain enough momentum to take the belt sans the side notes.


And let this sink in: Jinder Mahal has already outlasted the WWE Championship reigns of Kane, Rey Mysterio, and Andre the F’N Giant!


I get that Smackdown is the land of opportunity and I applaud Jinder Mahal’s dedication to make the needed steps to enhance his career but I bet the Indian market can wait two or three months or anything that’s long enough to make people yearn for a Jinder Mahal title run. I thought Backlash looked iffy with the Jinder win, the face women losing, and the disappointing tag team match that had Tyler Breeze paying tribute to Kenny Omega and Mae Young. I get WWE has genuine heat in Mahal but also, I dread his Smackdown speech because it could peg the wrench they threw on Muhammad Hassan. Shinsuke Nakamura doesn’t use his ethnicity to get over and WWE should have waited for Jinder to lose whatever he was preaching at the start of his push.


With Raw continuing to reel with Roman Romans, here we get to watch Smackdown and find his Indian version? Or maybe WWE will rehash JBL’s storyline and have The Singh Brothers win the WWE Tag Team Titles?


Get Sydrified.


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