Crime Scene 3 is a bit underwhelming


I won’t say Crime Scene 3 is hot garbage because I like crime drama and the murder-mystery theme suits my taste.

However, I find this season’s episodes as subpar from its previous two incarnations.

Park Jiyoon stands out on her own but Jang Jin needs a person who would make him stand out. As it is, Yang Sehyung and Kim Jihoon are trying to ride on Jiyoon’s awesome deductive shtick leaving Jang Jin as the misunderstood crazy old guy.

I hate to say this but like most Crime Scene fans, I feel Jung Eunji isn’t thriving under the spotlight. Hani had that awesome presence in Season 2 and her third episode appearance didn’t help Eunji’s cause. Hani was a delight to watch in the third episode with her reactions and crazy-ass ways of investigation. But more than Hani and perhaps Hong Jinho and Jang Dongmin, I think they need a character a lot like NS Yoonji. She doesn’t crazy on people like Jiyoon and Hani and yet she shows the same charisma even in silence. And even if she’s acting “normal”, she is trying her best to deflect suspicion – even if it harms her more. On Season 1, she used her tears and in Season 3, she used her alpha-chick shtick. Eunji is performing as if she’s one-dimensional. The show has already three men to fill out the absence of Jinho and Dongmin. Instead of casting male guests, they need to cast a person that could collaborate with Jang Jin and at the same time bring Eunji out of her shell.

Season 2 had the best cast.

And while he looked lost during the first two episodes, I thought Sehyung impressed on episodes 3 and 4. I just wonder if he can sustain his run sans the Chief/Investigator Yang character.

And speaking of guests, Kim Byeongok just didn’t stand out for me. I know he guessed correctly but a silent guest makes her a Eunji clone and at the same time, it feels like they don’t know what they are doing. Byeongok merely observing and just pointing to the criminal based on reactions is good when done right but its shock value only works on the tail end of the episode. The viewers should be the only ones to observe because they can’t lend their physical presence on every episode. For most part it felt as if Byeongok reactions are either overwhelmed or annoyed because Jiyoon and the rest of the cast have familiarity.

But aside from the characters, they need to come up with ways to improve the writing and the editing of every episode. I thought ever since the Cruise Murder double episode of Season 2, the production crew have been concocting ways to make absurd situations after absurd situations. Maybe they need to get more reactions than explanations? Perhaps we need to see how the cast would tackle their characters like what they did in Season 1. Whatever it is, I don’t think just showing up with the characters would make the audience invest on the regulars. Again let’s take Sehyung as example. His episode 3 and 4 character made the audience invest on the fact that he can’t do wrong… which is why when he turned evil, it threw people off. I know this is a deduction game but at the same time it is also a variety show so the staff should know how to defuse the semblance of seriousness within a given interval.

If you’re shocked to see a South Korean variety show review in this site well get used to it because I am trying to shake things up with my pet blog. I am going to add things that interest me.

Get Sydrified.

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