Cupcake’s Cakewalk

I just learned a new word.


Upon research – prompted by a bitter officemate – cupcake is defined as a label coined by Kendrick Perkins as well as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook when they were still Oklahoma City Thunder teammates as “soft”. Westbrook would use the word to diss Durant when the latter took his talents to Golden State.

So while Russell Westbrook scored the regular season Most Valuable Player, Durant became the 2017 NBA Playoffs’ Finals MVP.

I guess the rivalry will move forward. Durant will unleash hell on his foes as part of the GSW super squad while I’m guessing Westbrook will enjoy his run as the league’s resident stat magnet.

Not to rain on the GSW parade but we expect the Warriors to trump on their competition. Take in consideration that this win should have been a three-peat had not for the breakdown they had in last year’s finals. It’s cool that they somewhat destroyed that godawful distinction of losing the championship despite owning the all-time best regular season record by losing just one game in the entire NBA Playoffs. Okay, so the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers as well as the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers also share the same distinction but the Warriors got the record at a time when the first round was fought in four to seven games which meant GSW’s record is 16-1 as compared to the Lakers’ 15-1 and Philly’s 12-1. Nonetheless losing one game meant their dominance.

I can’t help but imagine that OKC once had Durant, Westbrook, and James Harden and they won the championship.

But hey, at least Durant finally got a NBA ring.

And the road to the title felt more of a cakewalk.

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