Why Rene Pacquiao can be the real deal for Mahindra

This article… is better late than never!

Finally, Pacquiao has seen action this season!

But while The Fighting Senator is doing his earnest to save professional boxing from mediocrity, Rene Pacquiao is here to stay!

Now I know… Rene Pacquiao played even before the Golden State Warriors swatted three other squads before getting flagged by the Cleveland Cavaliers. But while Manny Pacquiao has had a ridiculous pro career as a PBA player, cousin Rene may shock people.

First of all, he has height. He can play both forward spots with the possibility of playing center during the Philippine Cup. One other thing, Rene almost bested his cousin’s career output in just one game. I know Rene did this during garbage time… but for an untested PBA rookie who was never a superstar in the amateurs, this is a good thing.

Finally, Mahindra dismantled their last season crew because of financial woes. To keep my words simple, Mahindra loves their shitty lineup. I think they are better off working with hard-nosed blue collar workers than prima donna college stars. Maybe Chris Gavina needs to downgrade to chief deputy because with the way their team is built, this team is the perfect franchise for Yeng Guiao. Rene Pacquiao fits the mold of possibly a Freddie Abuda or a Noynoy Falcasantos or a Jun Marzan or any player you never thought that would do well in the pros.

So I welcome the entry of Rene Pacquiao even if his entry screamed nepotism. At least he had to wait for three seasons to live his dream. Dodot Jaworski and his first quarter (with three fouls) appearances never waited that long. But even Dodot contributed to Ginebra’s 90s title run.

Maybe Rene Pacquiao could lead Mahindra out of the hell they are in at the moment?


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