Floyd Mayweather Jr. did everything right


I thought Floyd Mayweather Jr. gave Conor McGregor a superb beatdown in all fronts.


First, Money baited The Notorious One to accept a multi-million fight in a sport where he is king.


Then he baited McGregor to advertise their duel bordering on the ridiculous.


And finally, he exposed McGregor’s inability to realize that while Floyd is an accomplished businessman and actor… he has yet to lose a match since debuting as a pro boxer in 1996.


I have an officemate who’s born in 1997!


Great stuff from Floyd Mayweather!


Basically, Conor McGregor followed the hurtful path laid out by Mayweather and it’s the same path he laid out for Manny Pacquiao. Say what you want about this annoying trash talker but when Money talks, you can expect him to follow it with action. McGregor had no business facing a guy of his calibre and while the match entertained, the verdict is as predictable as a Gilas Pilipinas win over Myanmar.


I like how Mayweather told everyone after the match that he predicted the fight will not go to distance. The way he narrated his strategy is like a magician letting people in on his trick. I also like the game plan he concocted with his father. The Notorious One always starts his match swinging and Mayweather figured he’ll gas out during the mid rounds. Mayweather went ballsy when he charged to Conor’s offense. Mayweather has the best defense in all of boxing but he loosened up his stance to gauge Conor’s strength. Mayweather felt that Conor’s punching power isn’t as brutal as his past foes so he let the guy have his way in the early rounds.


Yeah. Just like in the scripted pre-fight flare ups (I mean for every venue it’s like a political caucus with a bunch of expletives thrown), he let Conor dance to his music.


Conor’s fists were too active in the match and it’s not like it’s hurting Mayweather. He just couldn’t shake off his MMA background. From punching the back of the head of Mayweather to the constant “spooning” after clinches (I haven’t seen a boxing match until now where the ref breaks the hold with the aggressor at the back of his opponent), you can tell McGregor wants to slam his opponent to the mat as a sign of desperation. Before Brock Lesnar fought for the UFC Heavyweight Title, he started his campaign against Frank Mir. More than any championship, what McGregor tried to do is defeat the 49-0 record of Mayweather and if an experienced fighter can put down Mayweather, then what can a MMA fighter do?


And even if he’s prepared for the fight, it doesn’t mean the whole world prepared with him. In MMA, his dazed and confused movements can be tolerated. However for a sport who has had deaths due to head trauma, internal bleeding, and heart attacks, Conor tenth round defensive display is enough to stop the bout.


Has there ever been a recorded MMA death?


I guess Mayweather is really going to retire now. One retirement hint is how he handled the post-match interview. He never trash-talked anyone and even mentioned how his match with Manny Pacquiao bombed so this is how he made amends. One last, last match? He already exposed McGregor and I doubt if he’ll score a big paycheck against the other MMA guys. For years, Pacquiao has reverted into the legend that an up and comer needs to defeat so hopefully they can upgrade the status of boxing. And while I respect Quinito Henson’s intelligence, I hate it when he tries to instil Mayweather versus Pacquiao 2.


Jeff Horn?


Maybe Mayweather is better off against Ronda Rousey?




But kudos to Conor McGregor for giving it to Mayweather. This is a fitting sendoff for Mayweather’s stature and this is better compared to the uninspired supposed retirement he had nearly two years ago.


I mean… Andre Berto?




Mayweather is going to go out as an undefeated champion and like it or hate it, he did what was needed to do to rub his legendary status in the faces of his detractors…


… even if he makes another comeback because some goof wants to throw his cash away to Money Mayweather’s direction.


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