10 Worst PBA Drafts of All Time: Number Ten


So with the 2017 PBA Draft just around the corner (translation: I need a PBA Draft content), I am sharing to you the ten worst PBA Drafts according to my research.


The PBA Draft serves as the de facto season opener in which teams try to outdo their counterparts on the remote possibility of acquiring the services of the best player available. Most of the time, the best players belong to the worst teams. It’s their fault for finishing with the worst grade.


At times though, circumstances brought by the league as well as other variables turn this magnificent scenario to garbage.


So I am going to base my grades with batch performance, draft abnormalities, bad judgment… etcetera.


On with the show!



Number 10: 1987 PBA Draft


The first three years of the PBA Draft was cringe worthy. There are still players from the inaugural year playing with flair and it didn’t help that some 80s stars are still fighting for their place in the scheme of things. New blood like most future San Miguel mainstays could have broken through the superstar barriers but they continue to play as amateurs to represent the Philippines in international tilts.


1987 proved to be the most cringe worthy.


Great Taste’s legendary mentor Baby Dalupan got it right when he selected future Hall of Famer Allan Caidic as the draft’s top pick. Alaska (then called Hills Bros.) would then select Al Solis – who would go on to become a two-time Mythical First Team guard. And then Ginebra would select Harmon Codinera, Cayetano Salazar would end up with Tanduay, and Anthony Mendoza would be the last pick of the draft.


Look, it’s not like the teams were awfully picky.


It’s just that the 1987 PBA Draft only had eight applicants.


Yes, lucky for this draft they were represented well by The Triggerman and Al Solis. Aside from our international basketball aspirations the Philippines wasn’t a beacon of light back then with rebels inciting riots. Sure, there are only six teams in the PBA back then but with eight applicants, the 1987 PBA Draft is the only draft to have single digit applicants.


Do you agree?


Wait ‘til you see the next class on this list! J


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