Thoughts: Pacquiao pulls out from the Horn rematch

Manny Pacquiao just pulled out… so there.


Pulled out… hehe.


From the GMA website



Not only is he doing this to engage in senator-related activities, there is a chance that Pacquiao could finally retire.




Wait. No?


Pacquiao’s boxing shtick is not in Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s level these days. Hell, it’s not even within the Juan Manuel Marquez realms when he has yet to blow that Pacquiao-dissing retirement cake. While he is still regarded as one of the best fighters in boxing’s history, there is no denying that he’s mostly used as a star maker these days.


Worse, he’s letting the boxing gods besmirch on his legacy.


I question his psyche on agreeing to fight in Australian soil for their rematch. The world thinks he’s insane for agreeing in the first bout so I bet the boxing analysts are losing their heads when he didn’t veto the second get-go. Worse, none of boxing could care for Jeff Horn. When he said those things to Mayweather after the first match, it was as if he was insulting air. Horn is worse than Timothy Bradley because at least Desert Storm is an American so there’s really that chance to fight in a sold out Las Vegas crowd.


Pacquiao was 33 when he fought the mid-20s Bradley. After providing commentary for the Pacquiao-Horn match, the 34-year-old Bradley announced his retirement late July. Meanwhile, The Fighting School Teacher is 29 when he battled the 38-year-old lawmaker. The difference between Horn and Bradley is that the former has a handicap in terms of opponents. After Bradley, Pacman would go on to face Juan Manuel Marquez and Brandon Rios before returning to Bradley. After Pacquiao, Bradley went on to face Ruslan Provodnikov and Marquez. Any name Horn enlists as possible Pacman replacement should be a Top 10 player… willing to challenge the Aussie champion in his turf.


Pacquiao could still heed Horn’s call in 2018 and the then-39 year old is expected to fight the champion with a whole lot of hindrance, with diminished punching power, reduced speed, and incapacity to knock Horn out.


Pacquiao likes the idea of being challenged and would like to impress the critics by shocking them. After the controversial loss, he sort of expected that Pacman knows better… and then he would again fight the now-champion in his home turf. Again, Pacquiao is not going to back down… but at least he knew better than to challenge in November with all the work he needs to do.


But perhaps this stalling will be for naught if Manny can’t unload a convincing performance to sway the judges in his favor.


Knock out or nothing then?


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