Lavar Ball Brand coming to WWE Raw!

      So here’s a development worth noting.   Superdad Lavar Ball is set for a WWE Raw appearance. He’s basically the basketball equivalent of a chihuahua and I guess he fits right in. If I were Ball, I’d have him go ringside with his kids and have second generation star (or some dick … Continue reading Lavar Ball Brand coming to WWE Raw!

Dwight Howard could improve Charlotte’s jersey sales… and more!

  After spending his first eight years with the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard will now play for his fifth team in the last seven years. The Daily Double struggled to get past his “locker room cancer” tag especially during the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Atlanta lost to Washington – which marked the first time the Hawks … Continue reading Dwight Howard could improve Charlotte’s jersey sales… and more!

Why Boston and Philadelphia need to swap draft picks

  So more than two decades ago, Orlando traded its first pick overall Chris Webber for Golden State’s third pick overall Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. Sure, C-Webb had a better career but the Warriors never had the same success the Magic got when they had Penny. Webber and former GS coach Don Nelson had this shitty … Continue reading Why Boston and Philadelphia need to swap draft picks

Cupcake’s Cakewalk

I just learned a new word. Cupcake. Upon research – prompted by a bitter officemate – cupcake is defined as a label coined by Kendrick Perkins as well as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook when they were still Oklahoma City Thunder teammates as “soft”. Westbrook would use the word to diss Durant when the latter … Continue reading Cupcake’s Cakewalk

Bostonovela (and enough of the Big Baby talk)

Unlike what the rest of the pack said, I thought they are the ones that need to get their egos shafted and re-align with Ray Allen. Why? Because it would be cooler! Imagine these guys going to Allen’s restaurant in Miami. They could use it as a promotional campaign or it can be the sincerest of actions. This would pit these guys in a different light!

Thank you Truth

It’s bittersweet. I saw the Los Angeles Clippers fall to the Utah Jazz. Now I am never a Clips fan but it’s heartbreaking to witness the last game of Paul Pierce. I was not a Boston Celtics fan during the Larry Bird era but next to Kevin Garnett, The Truth battles with Rajon Rondo for … Continue reading Thank you Truth