Site News: Grinding

I took a time off from blogging last weekend. I was playing WWE Champions. Every other week (or until further notice) factions devote time and energy to score the most points. I’m pretty sure I will remain a Venom guy because its developmental faction doesn’t have enough big spenders. Right now I have two 3-silver … Continue reading Site News: Grinding

The Infinite Challenge that is the Korean National Squad

    I bought a 999-peso WWE Champions level up pack.   I got a silver 3-star “Balor Club” Finn Balor, a gold 2-star “American Badass” Undertaker, a fuse card to my bronze 2-star “Black Sheep” Braun Strowman, and used three 1-star upgrades to transform my showboat John Cena into a 3-star bronze.   Balor … Continue reading The Infinite Challenge that is the Korean National Squad

Gamer Daddy Issues

I have ditched Clash Royale for WWE Champions. In terms of interactions and rewards, my Creepy Venom squad trumps the team I have in CR. I know Cesaro frequently plays it but I felt the game made a mistake of putting too many characters as well as the overabundance of events to the delight of … Continue reading Gamer Daddy Issues

Anyone but Luke Harper!!!

    I am blogging right now because I’m waiting for my Sheamus to get enough HP to merit one health pack.   Ehem.   So I am still playing WWE Champions and Day One of their Intercontinental Champion Tour just got concluded. In the Philippines, the gauntlet blitz would end at Monday 3am.   … Continue reading Anyone but Luke Harper!!!

WWE Champions: Evolution Gauntlet Blitz results

Yo. So I’m addicted to this gem-breaking game called WWE Champions. It has the look and feel of Candy Crush but then you’ll discover it’s a lot more than what you actually think of because it also has a little bit of Pokemon in the sense that you need to collect and level up champions … Continue reading WWE Champions: Evolution Gauntlet Blitz results