Site News: Grinding

I took a time off from blogging last weekend. I was playing WWE Champions. Every other week (or until further notice) factions devote time and energy to score the most points. I’m pretty sure I will remain a Venom guy because its developmental faction doesn’t have enough big spenders. Right now I have two 3-silver … Continue reading Site News: Grinding

Site News: Stylin’ and Profilin’!

  Guess what? I just bought a new contraption. My fingers are chopsticking its keyboard as if I am a freaking literary machine and I could create more write-ups than ever before! Hahahaha. I am Doogie Howser again… sans the blue frame and that MIDI tune! So yeah, because I am better off cheering for … Continue reading Site News: Stylin’ and Profilin’!

Site News: Gilas Pilipinas Fever

  So I’m feeling the effects of Gilas Pilipinas right now and I must say, Terrence Romeo and his assassin’s mentality really made up for their almost defeat.   There were a lot of takeaways from that China game. The Andray Blatche play where the big man dribbles the ball from the outside to the … Continue reading Site News: Gilas Pilipinas Fever